"Faithful people in an age of hunger must adopt simple lifestyles and change unjust economic structures. But that is not a popular path to tread in an affluent society."
-- by Ron Sider, President, Evangelicals for Social Action

Have you ever wondered:

  • Why in spite of the generous donations to Africa, the deplorable conditions there keep getting worse?
  • Why people of faith often pray for peace in Africa, but hardly do anything to stop the weapons industry from flooding the continent with guns?
  • Why corporate charities who take donations in the name of hungry African children hardly address the issue of child labor and the exploitation of African resources by multinational corporations?
  • Why so much attention is given to HIV/AIDS , but so little concern is generated for climate change and the destructive impact of World Trade Organization (WTO) and Globalization in Africa?

The reason is simple: The present situation in Africa is beneficial to certain bodies who have vested interest in the way things are in Africa, who would rather use Africa to make money than seek an end to poverty.

Donations of time, love, and money make it abundantly clear that people genuinely care about Africa. However, they may not have considered the fact that corporate charities are merely a hand-out to the poor countries, not a sustainable, viable economic alternative.

Many charities, at the very best, are a mere bandage on the wounds of poverty and misery in Africa. Of the hundreds of millions of impoverished people in Africa, only a tiny number of children get enough food to keep them breathing, rather than give them hope and a future of self-sufficiency. Part of the problem is that there is gross misinformation about the true situation and need of Africa.

RethinkAfrica is different. We combine locally available resources with those provided by the generosity of others around the world to create projects that empower poor people out of poverty, and help build viable, sustainable economic systems, one village at a time.

Be the difference, make a difference!

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