About RethinkAfrica


RethinkAfrica was the happy ending of a difficult experience.

Peter Opa, founder of RethinkAfrica, was born and raised in a Christian home in Africa, where his parents hosted, served, and worked with the missionaries. Peter was taught an idealized view of life: that America was a Christian nation and all Christians were one family in Christ. He came to the United States dreaming of unconditional Christian love and acceptance (as taught and practiced by the Christians in his village) only to be faced with a reality that was totally different from his idealized view of life. Peter Opa

Peter was disheartened to see how racially and economically segregated churches were in the country.

Coming from a desperately poor village, however, he was impressed and grateful that the majority of Americans do care about poverty in Africa.

Peter believes that proven generosity of Americans--Christian and non-Christian--toward Africa will accomplish much more if there is a better understanding of the continent. But he also realized there was much misinformation about Africa in the Western media. Therefore, he wanted to start an organization that will help people see poverty and social justice in Africa through the hopes, potential, dreams, and dignity of its people.

He prayed for a vision and RethinkAfrica was born.

Be the difference, make a difference!

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